Sean Teague

Sean Teague

I am a PHP software and web technologies engineer with over 19 years of industry experience. In that time I've worked with a variety of clients from SMBs to large organizations such as KIXEYE, Zynga Games Inc. and Telltale Games Inc.

I offer a range of skills and services from basic consultancy through full web solutions including back-end CMS applications to front-end user experiences.

Hackbright Academy Instructor
Battle Pirates
Battle Pirates
Homepage (1/2/2011)
Telltale Games Homepage

Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse
Telltale Games: Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse
Poker Night at The Inventory
Telltale Games: Poker Night at The Inventory
Super Hero City Homeopage
KlickNation: Super Hero City Homepage
Shadow Knight's Shuffle
KlickNation: Shadow Knight's Shuffle
Vampire Wars
Zynga: Vampire Wars
Dragon Wars
Zynga: Dragon Wars
My Return Status
Versicom: My Return Status
Tax Infonet
Versicom: Tax Infonet (Client Admin)
Versicom: Tax Infonet (Backend Admin)
The Happy Birthday Call
Versicom: Happy Birthday Call (Client Admin)
Versicom: Happy Birthday Call (Backend Admin)
Vampyre Empire
Vampyre Empire Homepage
Vampyre Empire Payment Page
Vampyre Empire Social Interaction
Vampyre Empire Achievement Poster 1
Vampyre Empire Achievement Poster 2
Path Finding
Dijkstra Pathfinding in Flash

Triumph LARP
Triumph LARP